Tennis Outlook


Photo by Coach Stanley

Ashlynn Harding, Chief Copy Editor

Although tennis isn’t the most common sport to play, it offers many advantages inside and outside of school, especially for seniors. 

“I started playing tennis because it was a fun activity to do with my friends, it gave me a break from school and work. It allows me to actually relax and cheer on my team.” senior Isaac Molinares said. 

The seniors this year have been playing and have known each other for years. This has allowed them to have more knowledge of the sport and taught them how to lead their teammates. The boys on the team believe in their roles as upperclassmen and have stated that their role is to help others with technical formations and be supportive friends on the courts.

“I’ve been playing with most of the boys for a while now and we have been friends for years. Knowing my partner will have my back during the match, lets me have more adjustability during the game and lets us communicate more,” senior Lee Sisk said. 

When playing tennis, communication is key. Although the atmosphere isn’t like a football game because spectators can’t make noise during the match, on the courts is a different story. 

Senior Stone Sitzman said, “even when I am not playing it still allows me to make new connections with old and new players. This year i’ve really grown close with Jacob Capozella, since we also have classes together, playing tennis made us great friends on and off the courts. Since we got so close, our communication is back and forth between being focused on the match, hyping up the players, and making jokes to enjoy the company of the other players, and even though the crowd may be quiet, me and my partner are able to talk during and after every play.” 

Speaking of developing relationships, the seniors had agreed that they all like to play doubles more than singles because of the communication required between partners. Both Sisk and Sitzman agreed doubles was more suitable, because they like to try new tricks they normally wouldn’t do and collaborate on the court. 

Even after they graduate all have said that they will never forget one of their favorite after-school hobbies.