Seniors vs. Teachers Basketball Game Recap

Landon Wilson, Reporter/Photographer

Wednesday night’s Senior Council fundraiser game was a success. It had a good turnout with lots of fun and energy.  

In the first quarter, the students came out hot with a lot of energy. The students took an early lead by over 10 points, and it was not looking good for the teachers.  

In the second quarter, the teachers’ head coach, Daniel Barret, substituted five new players halfway through the quarter, looking to chip the lead away. Then elementary school teacher Ryan Bullock caught fire, hitting several three’s, layups, and blocking two shots. A late run by the teachers brought the students’ lead to only eight at halftime with a score of 35-27.

The whole third quarter was back and forth scores with the students still maintaining a slight lead.

 In the fourth quarter, the students took a big lead of 12 points with two minutes left to go. That is when the teachers went on a 11-2 run with one minute to go regulation. Students had a fast break, looking to hold the ball up by three, when they had a turnover to teacher Jake Talley. Talley passed the ball to Jennifer Falin for a clutch three to tie it with 22 seconds left. Students got the ball back and went down the court, hitting a buzzer beater layup to win.  After replay review by the officials, the ball was not out of his hands. This resulted in overtime.

The overtime was electric and back and forth. It was tied at the end of overtime and the students had three seconds left to hit a buzzer beater. The shot was blocked which meant there was a double overtime. 

In double overtime, the game was back and forth once again, and the final shot came down to the students. Down by three, the students passed the ball in and shot a corner three, but Codey Batten was fouled. He missed the first free throw, made the second, and missed the third.  The teachers won by one 79-78. 

For losing the game each student was pied in the face by a teacher.