CTE Teacher awarded Educator of the Year

Keira Apple, Reporter/Photographer

On March 22, CTE teacher Shane Robertson was awarded Educator of the Year. He was voted in through two rounds amongst faculty and staff. 

  Robertson introduces students to the automotive industry and has been teaching the Auto Tech courses for four years. After he graduated from LCHS, he attended J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College and was a dealership, independent, and part store mechanic. 

  “The industry and life, in general, is hard, so I want to prepare students for that,” Robertson said. 

  His teaching style is similar to coaching, but he says he is trying to change into more of an “authoritarian style”. It takes a special set of skills to teach an auto class, which Robertson’s experiences help with.

  “When he teaches he is more than just a teacher,” junior Quinton Wash said. 

  Wash explained that Robertson teaches more than the curriculum and gives life lessons.  He always expresses that Robertson talks to him like a real person. When he gets corrected, Robertson says this is what you did wrong and this is how you fix it. He focuses on students’ ambitions. He wants to know his student’s goals so he can help them get there.  

  “He is honestly one of the most incredible people I know,” said Auto Instructor Ernest King. 

  King has known Robertson for four years now since Robertson first started teaching. King is impressed with Robertson’s attention to detail and his drive to learn more as an educator and mechanic. 

 “He has an easy-going personality and is willing to help anyone with anything at any time,” King said. 

  Robertson has a passion for automotive and hopes that it will be the only contagious thing we have to deal with this year.