Decision day is on it’s way


Kage Harlow, Reporter/ Photographer

With seniors starting to get accepted into colleges, LCHS has started to plan the long awaited day, Decision day. Ms. Avagyan, college advisor, is leading this fun-filled day by starting to come up with ideas for prizes, activities such as tye dye, and more to be announced as the day gets closer. 

  Tye dying for decision day tee-shirts will take place Friday, April 29th, and Monday, May 1st. Seniors must complete a survey, which will be available by Monday, May 1st on a QR code posted around the school. 

  Completing the survey will make seniors eligible for exciting prizes such as a mini fridge, Spikeball, and many more. 

  “I’m going full Oprah with these prizes,” said Avaygan. Seniors, be prepared for decision day because it is going to be a blast.