Activities at Senior Picnic


Photo courtesy of Google Images

2022 senior picnic held at Lake Anna State Park.

Landon Wilson, Reporter/Photographer

  The end of the school year is approaching and seniors are feeling mixed emotions. To end their last four years on a high note, the class council partnered with the library and planned a couple trips and activities. Seniors will take a trip to Lake Anna State Park and Busch Gardens. 

  Every year, the school puts on the picnic as an end of the year celebration for the seniors. The picnic is planned for Friday, May 6. Students will leave school at 8:30am and return at 3:00pm. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, drinks, and candy will be served. Many yard games are going to be available to play as well such as cornhole, frisbee, ladder ball, and Spikeball.

  “I am excited for the picnic because I get to see my classmates from last semester since I was an early release student,” Aaron Walters said.  

  Seniors had the options of a day cruise in Norfolk, Busch Gardens, or Kings Dominion. An amusement park is always a top choice for an end of the year event and that is what a majority of the seniors voted for. On Friday, May 13, the seniors will leave for Busch Gardens at 8:30am and get back around 9pm. The trip cost $50 which includes an entree, drink, and park ticket. 

  Many students are eager to try out all types of rides. Busch Gardens recently put in a new roller coaster called the Pantheon, causing excitement among students. 

  “I am super excited for the trip,” Carter Knight said. “I have been a few times before, and I’m most looking forward to the Alpengeist roller coaster since it is my favorite. I also want to try the new Pantheon ride as well.”

  With this being the last class events besides graduation, senior sponsor Laura Watkins hopes to make it memorable for all students. 

  “The more that goes, the more memorable it will be because it is one of their last days to hang out with their class,” Watkins said.