Checkers restaurant celebrates grand opening

Julia Gibson, Reporter/Photographer

  Checkers in Zions Crossroads had its grand opening on Thursday, April 29. Checkers is a fast food restaurant similar to Five Guys.

  I ordered the baconzilla burger with no mayonnaise or ketchup, and a side of loaded fries. The baconzilla burger has two patties with a lot of cheese and bacon. Even though Checkers is a fastfood restaurant, the quality of the burger was better than most other fast food burgers I have had in the past.

  The loaded fries were topped with bacon, cheese, and ranch. The fries were nicely seasoned and the mixture of the toppings made them taste even better. They had a good blend of flavors and none were too overpowering. 

  I would rate the burger an eight out of ten and the fries a nine out of ten. Both would get a ten out of ten if there was a little less cheese so  the flavor of the bacon could be more powerful.

  The price for the baconzilla burger is $7.29 and the loaded fries are $4.99. Compared to Five Guys, Checkers has much better prices for similar quality food. On the day I went they were running low on certain menu items such as slushies and certain drinks because of the rush of customers. 

  Checkers does not have a seating area on the inside, but the outside has a patio area with tables and umbrellas. The outside seating is big with a good distance between each table, so customers aren’t too close. They have a walk up window, which was previously closed when I went, but should be opening in the near future. The staff was very nice and worked quickly to get every customer their food. To avoid getting caught in the rush, try not to go during lunch or dinner time.

  I highly recommend going to Checkers, between the enjoyable staff and delicious food, I would rate the overall experience a nine out of ten.