Best Wishes to Departing Teachers!


Photo by Katelynn Jones

Brittany Webb teaches her sophomore english class.

Katelynn Jones, Reporter/Photographer

This year, many teachers will be leaving the school to either retire or continue on with future plans. These teachers brought love and support with them everyday and wished the best for their students.

   Math teacher, Tyler Duckworth, who taught at Louisa for eight years, will not be returning in hopes to open his own radon mitigation company.

   English teachers, Brittany Webb and Ashley Ranalli will also not be returning. Webb, who taught for ten years does not know what she plans to do, but hopes it will relate to teaching on a corporate level. Ranalli has been teaching for three years, but plans to teach closer to her home in Fredericksburg.

   English teacher and Speech and Debate coach, Donna Love will be retiring after teaching for 40 years, 35 of those at Louisa. She plans to relax, garden, travel, hike, and read.

   Leader of the National Art Honor Society and art teacher, Becky Massie will be retiring after teaching for over 40 years. She plans to spend time with her grandchildren, bake, help on her family’s farm, and garden. She also hopes to make artwork in her free time.

   The newspaper staff thanks all teachers who are moving on from Louisa schools and wishes them the best of luck.