Dara Sharpe Commits to George Mason


Photo Courtesy of Carrie Chisholm featuring Dara Sharpe batting at the Spring Break Softball Classic Tournament in Myrtle Beach.

Kylie Kenny, Reporter/Photographer

  Senior Dara Sharpe has played softball for Louisa through all of middle school and high school. Last July, Sharpe decided to further her softball career and commit to George Mason University, a Division 1 University in Fairfax County.

  Sharpe has attended many different softball camps, but George Mason’s interested her most.

    “This school really benefits me because it feels very homey and I don’t feel out of place here.” Sharpe said.

  Sharpe has always been interested in this school and been attending the softball camps since middle school. She really enjoys the people and how welcoming they are. 

   “The camps that I’ve attended there recently have a really big family environment and they all love each other.” Sharpe said, “It’s so much fun.”

  Sharpe’s favorite coach during the softball camps is now the assistant coach of George Mason.

  “Campbell Hutchison cares about everybody, even if they are just kids at the camp, she cares about you.” Sharpe said, “ Watching her interact with her staff and her players at the camp, she cares about them all like her family.”

   Sharpe feels that the softball program at George Mason is supportive of all their athletes and wants to watch them succeed.

   “On my visit, everything was about what could get me there, what I wanted to do when I got there, and what will better me when I’m there.” Sharpe said.

  Sharpe is also looking forward to her commitment to this school because of the criminology program that it offers.

   “I chose this school because it’s the number one criminology program, which is what I want to study.” Sharpe said.

  Sharpe has a supportive coach at the high school who also happens to be her mom.

  “I’m extremely proud of her and so excited,” Coach Susan Sharpe said. “I think it’s a perfect fit.”

   Dara already feels at home and welcomed at her new school.

  “What stands out most to me about this school is the family environment,” Sharpe said. “Everyone there knows each other and they are all super kind.”