County Boys BBQ


Eleanor Pekary

Op-Ed Editor Eleanor Pekary posing fwith her food from Country Boys BBQ with her 0.5 picture.

Eleanor Pekary, Op/Ed Editor

  The arrival of the new business Country Boys Barbeque has created a stir in Louisa, earning nothing but raving reviews. So I figured I should find out for myself. Immediately upon walking in the door, I was greeted with the scent of smoked barbeque within a home-style restaurant. My family and I walked up to the counter, and the menu offered us an array of food. 

  I landed on the pulled pork sandwich platter, which came with two sides and a cornbread muffin. I chose the mac and cheese and the tater tots as my sides, as well as an order of fried pickles: something I cannot resist. We also ordered the pulled chicken platter, ordering with it another mac and cheese and cucumber salad. For the three items the total came to $39.42, each platter at $14 dollars and the fried pickles at $8. 

To-go boxing including: pulled pork sandwich, seasoned tater tots, cornbread muffin, slaw, and vinegar sauce.

  Because we ordered our food to go, I was curious to see how the food would hold up for the drive home. I live about fifteen minutes away, and when we arrived home, I was surprised to see that the food still looked fresh out of the kitchen. I jumped for the pickles to see if they had gone soggy, but they were still crispy and hot, and worked perfectly with the ranch sauce provided. For eight dollars I got six pickle spears which is a perfect deal. I would rate them a nine out of ten. 

  Next, I dove into the pork sandwich. I had the choice between a sweet sauce and a vinegar sauce. I opted for the vinegar which is something I do not normally do, but it was worth the risk. Served on a brioche bun, the sandwich was truly delicious with the sauce. The tater tots came with a sweet and salty seasoning to bring them in at a solid eight out of ten since they could have been better with sauce. The mac and cheese was lacking in flavor but was still creamy, which leaves the mac and cheese only at five out of ten. 

  The sandwich comes with a side of slaw, but slaw it was not. I ordered a side of the spicy slaw for my sandwich, but I felt like I was biting into cabbage, which makes this slaw a two out of ten. Lastly, the cornbread muffin; I had high expectations for the cornbread, which they mildly achieved. The cornbread was good, but not mind blowing. Had it been warmed up it might have been better, but regardless, it was a little too much bread and not enough corn. It was good in combination with the mac and cheese, making it a six out of ten.  

  My brother, Peyton, rates both the pulled chicken sandwich and the cucumber salad an eight out of ten, saying the seasoning was “almost perfect.” Our family often makes cucumber salad, so we tend to be harsh critics. The cucumber salad had a great brine dressing, and in combination with the onion made it a satisfactory side. 

  I personally did not get to try Peyton’s sandwich before it was down the hatch, but he reported that it was a good choice for pulled chicken lovers. 

  Overall, for the price and location of the restaurant, I could not be more grateful for the “Boys” to set up shop. The price point is on the higher end, but I feel that the price is worth the experience and delicious food, and compensates for the amount of food being received. If you are looking for a good-time barbeque restaurant, this is the place for you. 

The aftermath of devouring Country Boys BBQ.