Ashlynn Harding

Photo created by Ashlynn Harding.

Ashlynn Harding, Editor in Chief

The new movie Black Adam, featuring Dwayne Johnson comes out in theaters on the 21st. 

Online photo featuring Dwayne Johnson playing as Black Adam posed with other superheroes form the new movie Black Adam. (MARCO VITO ODDO)

Today, Taylor Swift is releasing her 10th studio album Midnights

Taylor Swifts online website features the layout of her new albums, releases, and songs. (taylorswift.com)

On the 22nd S&J Feed Store is hosting a fall festival. 


RVA is hoisting their Bacon Festival from 11-3 on Sunday the 23rd. 

Featured above is an online logo for the RVA Bacon Festival. (alleventsoin. Richmond )

Mount View Baptist Church is hosting a Fall Festival and Trunk or Treat on Saturday 10/22 at 1:00 p.m. for some Pumpkin Patch Fun! 

Online collection of images featuring information and events held at this weekend’s Fall Festival in Charlottesville at Mount View Church. (alleventsin. Charlottesville )

Katora coffee & 2milesss is hosting their  first ever Hallo Fest at the Hat Gallery and Lunge on Friday at 7pm to Saturday at 1am, tickets will be onsite for general admission for $15. 

Online image showing Hallo Fest and some of their activities and contests. (alleventsin. Fredericksburg )

Competition Cheer Regionals will be held at the school at 1pm  and tickets will be sold for $7 at the door. 


Image featuring the varsity cheer competition team after they won Districts preparing to go to Regionals. (Photo courtesy of the Louisa_Lions_Atheltics Instagram page)