Kindness comeback


Photo featuring a kindness quote off of Canva. The Rally for Kindness will be during school on Wednesday the 26th; Don’t forget to wear your Kindness shirts for the pep rally and twin day for HOCO spirit week.

Eleanor Pekary, Op/Ed Editor

 Continuing coverage: the #Rally4Kindness pep rally will be rescheduled to Spring 2023 due to inclement weather. 


For the first time since 2017, the #Rally4Kindness Pep Rally is hyped to bring new excitement to the LCPS division. Wed., Oct. 26th, all schools across Louisa will gather in The Jungle for a day filled with kindness and excitement. 

 The #Rally4Kindness’s goal is to emphasize kindness in our schools, community, family, and ourselves. With the interference of COVID-19, LCPS administration knew they wanted to find a way to bring our “One Family” together again.

   “Mr. Straley and Dr. Pelloni knew that every student in our division needed an event to reset and reconnect, and this will be just that,” English teacher Gerald Evans said.  

  Because of the large size, students are likely to see this rally happen every few years rather than annually. Since this is a pep rally that will rotate every few years, it will give the student body something to look forward to.  

    With an assembly like this, students can expect the pep rally to begin mid-morning and last a few hours. Both students and faculty are in for a surprise Oct. 26, with an array of secret guests, surprise announcements, and prize giveaways galore.