Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II


Eleanor Pekary

Reporter, Jacob Hodell plays video games in the Esports Lab.

Jacob Hodell, Reporter/Photographer

   Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) is a fan favorite game, and players are about to get a sequel. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will be an addition to the CoD franchise. Coming out on Oct. 28th 2022, fans are waiting for the new game which will start off where the last game left off, following Task Force 141 through the struggles of war.

   Other than the story mode, Modern Warfare II will include new modes, such as: “Knockout”, a competitive 2v2 (two players versus two players) gamemode in which teams work together to secure a package and “Prisoner Rescue”. The goal is for players to rescue hostages from the other team. 

   Modern Warfare II will also bring back past gamemodes, especially a fan favorite: “Co-op Special Ops”. “Special Ops” is a team game mode where a team of four players fight off waves of enemies for as long as they can. 

   The largest new game mode is “Invasion”; a massive fight with up to 40 players team up to eliminate the opponent. “Invasion” will allow more players than any other game mode in CoD history, and allow tons of new ways to take out enemies.

   New game mechanics are also being added to Modern Warfare II, such as the long awaited water mechanics. In previous games touching water was instant death, as swimming wasn’t an implemented mechanic yet, but Modern Warfare II has fixed that. 

   Now players can enjoy underwater missions, combat, and stealth. Players can utilize this during multiplayer combat to escape pursuers, or plan the perfect sneak attack. New weapons and attachments are also coming to the game, as well as new vehicles.

   Pre-ordering the game will cost players around $70, and comes with many benefits. By pre-ordering, players can unlock skins for weapons and characters, the battle pass, new weapons, and players can play the story mode one week earlier than other players. Fans will be able to enjoy Modern Warfare II on a variety of devices, as it is coming out on Xbox, Playstation, and computers. 

   The long awaited sequel to Modern Warfare is finally coming out, and fans couldn’t be more excited.