Final Louisa Elections


Registered voters will have the opportunity to voice their opinion on Nov. 5, 2022.

Keria Apple, Staff writer/Photographer/Layout

 On Nov. 4, Louisa election sites will open at local locations including the Louisa Fire Department, Trevilians Elementary School, and Living Grace Church. The local election positions are Members of the School Board, Mayors, and Town Council Members. The Mineral Town Council and the Louisa Town Council are both within Louisa County. 

Candidates Sample Ballot Mineral Sample Ballot Town of Louisa

Running Position  Name 
School Board  Lloyd R. Runnett
School Board  David Harold Rogers
Mayor of Mineral   Ed J. Jarvis
Mayor of Mineral  Pamela R. Harlowe
Mineral Town Council  Bernice W. Kube
Mineral Town Council  Olivia Barrow McCarthy
Mineral Town Council  Ronald W. Chapman Jr.
Mineral Town Council  Rebecca T. “Becky” Mcgehee 
Mineral Town Council  C Blair Nipper
Louisa Town Council  Vicky A. Harte
Louisa Town Council  Robert C. Dube
Louisa Town Council  John Jerl Purcell IV  
Louisa Town Council Daniel Ray Crawford

School Board 

According to the Chapter 7 Virginia Code of Laws, School Board members work closely with younger community members to set forth policies and other expectations to keep the schools safe. The School Board is held accountable for the performance of the county’s education by setting the tone for all of the schools and ensuring they know their expectations. 

By the time of publication, all School Board candidates had been contacted and invited to 

Comment. Should further candidates reach out and comment, we will gladly update this article. 

“The future is in our children…I have invested in all of our students by working with many diverse groups,” School Board Candidate Lloyd Runnett said. 


According to Chapter 15 Virginia Code of Laws, The town’s elected mayor will oversee the town’s employees and will work with the Town Council. The departments the Mayor works with are the fire, police, education, transportation, and housing. The Mayor appoints a chief executive officer to verify laws are carried out and enforced.

Incumbent mayoral candidate, Garland Nuckols is running unopposed. 

“It is important to have a variety of trades open for business in our Town. I listen when citizens offer opinions of what they would like to see come to our area and will then discuss these requests with the Town Council members, as well as the Louisa Chamber of Commerce,” Mayor of Louisa Candidate Garland Nuckols said. 

“As your Mayor, I will facilitate with the town manager and town council to help get successful results and get the word out to our community on what’s going on and planned, “ Mayor of Mineral Candidate Edwin Jarvis said. 

“We now have the opportunity to grow and I am interested in supporting this new development.  My experience can be used in a positive manner, “Mayor of Mineral Candidate Pamela Harlowe said. 

Town Council 

According to the Town of Louisa Charter c.68,  The Town Council manages government policies, acts on local resolutions and ordinances, sets tax rates, and approves the annual budget. They also hold meetings monthly which allow the community members to voice their opinions. 

By the time of publication, all Town Council candidates had been contacted and invited to comment. Should further candidates reach out and comment, we will gladly update this article. 

“I am striving to help Mineral become and remain a healthy town and environment by ensuring compliance with necessary laws and reinvigorating a sense of connection and pride in the community,” Mineral Town Council Candidate Olivia Barrow said. 

“Along with many other concerned residents, I feel like this Town deserves better representation that will act in the best interests of the Town,” Town of Mineral Town Council Candidate Ronald Chapman said.

“I believe our Town needs some experienced, professional leadership to help us move forward. I want to support and improve our local businesses, beautify our gateway areas and invest and modernize our public infrastructure,” Louisa Town Council Candidate Robert Dube said. 

Impact on Students 

Although the majority of high school students aren’t allowed to vote, the issues being discussed and voted on are essential. Louisa County residents and students will be affected by the winners of this election. The School Board election may pertain more to a teenager’s safety and education. The people elected to the School Board decide on policies that keep students safe at a place they are at for a long period of time. Students may be at School during the day but all other times they are at home. The Town Council and Mayor can affect their families tax’s, roads, and businesses. Instructing students on local positions and voting topics would create an educated community.