2022 Toy Drive


James Stickley

Mr. Stickley poses in his Christmas accessories holding a donated stuffed animal.

Cassie Duerson, Reporter/Photographer

   As colder weather settles in, excitement for the holiday season begins. Starting Nov. 21, LCHS will host the annual Toy Drive sponsored by Mr. James Stickley. Stickley teaches Business and Marketing as well as Sports Marketing. He uses the Toy Drive as a teaching tool for his students.

   The Toy Drive is an opportunity for students to donate new toys, stuffed animals, books, and gently used toys for all ages. 

   Stickley started hosting a toy drive in 2000 at Harrisonburg High School. When he started teaching at Louisa, he brought the toy drive with him.

   “The Toy Drive has been beneficial for my students,” Stickley said. “We go over all different types of promotions and put it in action during the toy drive. It is also a great way to show how the community gets involved.”

   The Toy Drive will close Dec. 2. Donations can be brought to Stickley’s classroom, room 137. The toys are given to the Louisa County Resource Council so that they can be distributed before Christmas.

   A competition will be held to see which first period brings in the most donations; first place will win a pizza party and second place will receive doughnuts.

Students place last year’s donated toys into a vehicle so that they can be distributed. (James Stickley )