Grateful Gobbels, a Leadership project


Julia Gibson

This turkey is located to the left of the trophy case in the cafeteria. This turkey holds the name of every senior. The underclassmen can be found on a seperate turkey.

Eleanor Pekary, Op-ed Editor

 In honor of the season for giving thanks being just around the corner, LCHS Leadership has crafted “Grateful Gobbles” to give appreciation to all students in our school. Posted in the cafeteria, turkeys are on display with LCHS students’ names on each paper feather.

  The Grateful Gobbles is the first of its kind and is meant to show off the celebration of family in our lion pride. On Monday and Tuesday of next week before fall break, students will be able to write kind affirmations and grateful gobbles about their peers on the feathers during their lunch break. Listen for the announcements during lunch next week to show our pride and give thanks to all.