Playoffs update


Brayden Jones

Above image of the football field on a Friday night light game against Salem for the Region Quarterfinals.

Evan Capozella, Writer/Photographer

   Louisa County Lions got knocked out in the regional semifinal round when the Salem Spartans beat Louisa 54-37. Louisa improved from last year’s score of 55-7 in the same round against Salem and put up much more of a fight this time. Salem put up a score early by making a touchdown in 12 plays. Savion Hiter came back with an 87-yard kickoff touchdown run to make the score 7-7. Salem extended their lead with three touchdowns to finish the first half and bring the score up to 39-13. 

   According to, Louisa came back fierce and put up a fight in the second half. Landon Wilson ran a touchdown for nine yards and threw one to Cameron Hawkins for twenty yards to bring the score up to 39-29. Louisa scored one more touchdown when Dyzeir Carter ran for 13 yards to bring the score up to 47-37. Salem pulled away with one more touchdown to make the score 54-37. Salem is moving up to face EC Glass in the Regional semifinals.