Valentines Day gifts for your “special someone”

Ashlynn Harding, Editor in chief

   Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and Cupid is flying around the school looking for targets of love. 

   Leadership is setting up a table in the cafeteria during lunches from Feb. 6th through the 10th to sell carnations and chocolate. It’s $2 for the flowers or $2 for a bag of Hershey Kisses. 

   BUT WAIT! They are having a deal for both the flowers and chocolates for being sold together for only $3. 

   Students can pre order their valentines gifts that week and on Tuesday, the 14, leadership students will hand-deliver arrangements during first period. 

   All fundraising proceeds will go towards the Leadership class to help fund future events such as school dances and pep rallies.

   So now is the time to get your money ready and head down to the cafeteria to get your special someone or someones a Valentine’s Day gift.