Senior Caden Lundy commits to Averett University


Andrew Wolfolk

Senior Caden Lundy signing to Averett University on signing day.

Lucien Cormier, Staff Editor

   With the 2023 school year coming to a close, many seniors are making their college decisions. For senior Caden Lundy, many factors played into choosing what college to attend. On Feb 2nd, Lundy signed to play football with Averett University, a division 3, private university in Danville, Virginia 

   Lundy has been the varsity kicker in Louisa for three years. He attributes his success to his long snapper Tyreke Coleman, his holder Alex Profit, coach William Patrick, and his family. 

   “My parents helped a lot with getting in touch with kicking coaches,” Lundy said. 

   Lundy was challenged every year to be the kicker, and every year Lundy got the position. 

   “Every year I was like ‘you are not going to be the kicker, you have to win the job,’” Coach Patrick said, “and every year he looked at me in my face and said, ‘alright coach, we will see.’”

   Along with Lundy’s time on the field, he has also been successful in the classroom; he will be continuing his education to go to the medical field and help others.

   “I am going into Averett to be an ER nurse,” Lundy said.

   Though he will continue playing football in college and plans to pursue nursing, other factors helped him choose to attend school at Averett. 

   “It just felt like home,” Lundy said. “They seem to have the same [values] on their football field as we do. [ Averett University] is really small, and they have a good nursing program.”

   Lundy also values his practice. For him, having someone help him get better every day is important.

   “I’m most excited to have a kicking coach every single day and meet new brothers on the field,” Lundy said. 

  Even when working with a new team, he will always remember his Louisa Lions’ home team. These players made memories as they played and grew together on the field.