Asian Cafe Sponsorship


Asian Cafe

Asian Cafe’s main entrance on New Bridge Road at the Lake Anna Plaza.

Evan Capozella, Sports Editor

   Asian Cafe offers customers tasty Japanese cuisine at its beautiful Lake Anna Location. With Louisa’s close-knit community, there are many benefits for the restaurant.

  “Everyone knows each other, and we have regular customers that we can get to know and build relationships with,” Owner Jason Haung said.

  Haung has owned a restaurant for ten years and was introduced into the restaurant industry by his family.

  “My entire family owns restaurants and I grew up in the business, so it was destined for me to end up doing the same,” Haung said.

    Asian Cafe strives to cater to customers’ needs and wants with a friendly atmosphere.

   “We want to continue to improve and keep our customers as happy as possible,” Haung said.

  With the Lion Pride Run coming up and scholarships being offered, Asian Cafe has donated to help the students.

  “We hire a lot of hardworking high school students that we know may not have the money to go to college,” Haung said. “It is important to us that Louisa students are given any opportunity that they wish to pursue.”

  Lake Anna has grown and is continuing to grow with new coves and plazas being added all around the lake. With new resorts in the making and planning stages, the lake is going to grow even more, and more business and customers will increase economic growth for Asain Cafe and other businesses.

   “I can see big things coming [into Louisa] and larger population especially around Lake Anna,” Haung said.

   Students from our school have given high ratings of Asain Cafe and like the food a lot.

  “The food was really tasty and the whole feel of the restaurant was nice,” Freshman Melinda Staudinger said. “The service was quick and was very helpful.”

  Asian Cafe is located on New Bridge Road on 208 in the Lake Anna Plaza, so make sure to go out and give it a try.