Epic Alaska Opportunity with Miller


Katelynn Jones

Check out these posters throughout the hallway.

Katelynn Jones, News Editor & Copy Editor

   This summer, the opportunity to join Patrick Miller as he travels the world presents itself again. After partnering with Worldstrides to go out west last summer, Miller wanted to take this trip to the next level. With that thought in mind, he has decided to travel to Alaska this summer. 

   Students who sign up will leave on Jun.10, stay for six days and five nights in Alaska, returning home on Jun.16. After paying a $99 deposit, each student will have to pay $3,289. The cost of the trip pays for transportation to and from each destination, hotel accommodations, admission to all attractions, and all meals. 

   Worldstrides has created different payment options to provide more opportunities for people to afford the trips. When signing up, there are different payment plans that can be chosen for each individual’s specific needs. Miller also uses the high school’s hiking club as a platform to raise money to help pay for the trip. 

   “I went on last year’s trip out west and really enjoyed all of the experiences that I wouldn’t typically get,” Taylor Blount said. “I immediately said yes to going to Alaska.”

  While in Alaska, students will visit Kenai Fjords National Park, Denali National Park, Exit Glacier, Happy Trails Sled Dog Kennels, Potter’s Marsh, and the Alaska Sealife Center. Although these are the only destinations on the itinerary, Miller will work with Worldstrides to pack in as much fun as possible. 

   Throughout the trip, there will be surprises as small as a 30 minute stop at a gorgeous overlook or as big as a complete itinerary change. To reach the full potential of the experience, each student needs to be flexible and trust that Miller will lead them to an amazing destination. 

   The most important thing to know is that this is not a school sponsored trip. Miller is using the LCHS Hiking Club as a platform to promote the trip but it is not affiliated with the high school. 

   “It’s going to be the adventure of a lifetime,” Miller said. “Scenic beauty and wildlife for days.”

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Flier used by Miller to promote the Alaska trip throughout the school.