Step Up and Express Yourself


Lucien Cormier

The roster for the Step Team is featured below with a few of the participates being featured in the photo above. Yarita Jones Shikyra Coleman Niyah Parker Tayshaunda Walker Kassayah Kilby Darlene Gasore Kalile Shelton-George Odessa Johnson Brittan Vassell Michelle Ford Alexandria Holliday Destiny David Samira Carter Zyearrah Ragland Kyra Weems Latayza Harsh(sp) Arianna Quarles

Lucien Cormier, Staff Editor and Photographer

   It is important for everyone to be able to express themselves in their own way. With the creation of the step team, a new opportunity was provided for students to be themselves while dancing. The step team was created last semester and grew rapidly. They have already performed at an assembly. They plan to continue performing as the school year progresses, and hope to continue into next year. 

   “My goals are for us to become a big thing,” Team Captain Yarita Jones said. “Go on and make it out of high school, and do big things and they reach their goals, and express their feeling and express their talent.”

   With a team that must coordinate and be in sync with each other, it can be difficult to manage this large group of people.

   “This group started out with over 50 students,” Team Coach Linda Tyler said. “Over time with members having other commitments, the group is now much more manageable.” 

   The most important thing for many members in this group is to have a safe space with friends and a diverse group where everyone can be themselves without judgement. This atmosphere allows them to come together as a team and perform.

   “This is a diverse group representing many different cultures that are respected and appreciated and that is a goal,” Tyler said. “Since the group’s inception, young ladies and men have been wanting to join and we have been fortunate enough to have our captain Yarita Jones as dance master. I must say, Yarita brings energy, and that energy trickles down to the team when you watch them perform.”