2023 Lion Pride Run: “Back to the roots”


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Ms. Fletcher will be going “back to the rotos” of Louisa County by running at all the schools on Thursday the 30th. Show your support by repping your schools motivational word and or by tracking your mileage.

Ashlynn Harding, Editor in Chief

   English teacher, Kate Fletcher, will be doing the annual Lion Pride to raise money for scholarships. Ms. Fletcher will be going “back to the roots” and running the tracks of the middle and high school along with Jouett, Travililians, Moss-Nuckols and Thomas Jefferson Elementary Schools. 

   Ms. Fletcher will be running for one hour at each location, but she doesn’t have to be alone! Leadership encourages all LCPS students and staff to run with her and contribute to the total mileage. Leadership will tally the miles to see how far across America Louisa and Ms. Fletcher has run. 

   Leadership has posted forms online that can be completed throughout the day. So even if you can’t walk or run during the Lion Pride period, you can still submit your mileage to help our “One Family’s” run across the U.S. 

   The Lion Pride Run will be live-streamed on YouTube featuring Ms. Fletcher, participants, and motivational phrases to push the runners to achieve their goals. Each school will be assigned a designated word to help show their support and inspire Ms. Fletcher and all runners. The high schools’ word is “Pride.” 

   With the event of the Lion Pride Run and LCHS’s attempt to show the participants as much support as possible, tomorrow’s schedule about the run times and destinations will be included below. Good luck to all participating and a huge shout out to Ms. Fletcher for inspiring others to run with her through her journey…“back to the roots.”