Takai Comfort signs with Shenandoah University


Takai Comforts signs with Shenandoah University

Arianna Taylor, Editor-in-chief

Senior Takai Comfort signed to further his education and football career at Shenandoah University. Comfort plays wide receiver and cornerback for LCHS but will most likely play wide receiver at Shenandoah. 

Shenandoah is a division three private university located in Winchester, VA. With a population of 28,000, Winchester is a relatively small school located in a small city. The football program reminded him of his days in the Jungle. 

“I like the atmosphere the most,” Comfort said. “When I went to the game, it felt like home, it felt like Louisa, from the old school fans there to the student section”

A large division one generates more competition for playing time, so starting in a lower division helps athletes gain experience and can advance them to a higher division in the future. Comfort felt Shenandoah is small enough school to achieve these dreams. 

“I always think I can do better” Comfort said “I think I can go play D1 football, but I have to go somewhere to prove myself,” 

Comfort plans to major in kinesiology and biology to prepare him to become a dentist. 

“As a kid I didn’t have good teeth and I got bullied for it,” Comfort said. “I don’t want another kid to feel self conscious about their smile.”

Coaches can change an athlete’s life through their continued support. Coach Patrick recognized the potential within Comfort but knew he needed a mentor.  

“I knew he needed guidance, someone to believe in him, and care for him,” coach Will Patrick said. 

The Coach-Athlete bond is strong. They not only share a love for the sport, but they also give the athlete an adult to look to. 

“Coach Pat helped me get through a lot of rough times,” Comfort said.  “When I had no one else, he was there for me, and I will always respect him for that. He helped me become a better man.”

Tragedies are bound to happen in life, but the response of the tragedy builds character. The misfortunes that have occured throughout Comfort’s life made him remember that our time on Earth is finite so he needs to make the most out of it. 

“You have to work hard now if you want to play at the next level, time will pass you by if you don’t,” Comfort said. “Wait for nobody, you only get one chance so do it right.”

Achieving personal goals is gratifying, but watching the best friends you have grown up with achieve their dreams as well is surreal.

“Life works in full circle,” Comfort said. “I never thought I would be able to go to school and play football and all my friends are doing the same, we’re all chasing our dreams and going to school for free.” 

Comfort reflects on his time at Louisa with fondness, specifically the football program that Comfort has dedicated much of his time too. 

“If you ever get a chance to be a part of the Louisa football program take pride in it” Comfort said  “I hope that if I ever see someone put on that number three they take pride in it because I did, I’m gonna miss it for the rest of my life, i’ll never have another experience like it no matter where I play”