Decision Day


Taken and provided by College Advisor Lyudmila Ayagyan

Decision day 2022 when seniors were lined up ready to receive a cupcake in honor of their college decisions.

Keira Apple, Design and Layout

  After all the typing, writing, and hard work, seniors can finally celebrate what college or university they will attend next fall. Decision Day is on Friday, April 28 during the first two periods when seniors will be called down to the cafeteria. For the last week, seniors have been decorating their shirts with tie-dyes or fabric markers.

  “I love that we get to acknowledge all of their accomplishments and future endeavors,” College Adviser Lyudmila Avagyan said. 

  Avagyan teamed with Crisis Counselor Kendall Britt to plan Decision Day. For months, the two have been prepping for the event by purchasing prizes, gathering food and games, and creating decorations.

  “We will be giving out everything, from gift cards from their favorite stores to a mini fridge,” Avagyan said. 

  Seniors can enter a raffle to win these prizes, which can help seniors cover costs of moving into college. Seniors will also have the chance to express their gratitude by writing thank you cards to those who have supported them throughout their academic careers.

  One request Avagyan has for the seniors is to fill out a survey while they are at Decision Day. This survey will gather information for Avagyan in case she needs to contact them after they leave high school. The survey also includes how what colleges the seniors will be attending and what colleges they have applied to. 

  “The application process has been very stressful but I have been accepted into nine schools,” senior Nicole Creel said. 

  Creel explained how she is ready for Decision Day to celebrate all of her accomplishments and the college she plans to attend. She is looking forward to hanging out with her friends during the event so she can soak in all of the short moments left with them. 

  Decision Day is the kick-off to all senior events, a kick-off to a final goodbye, Avagyan encourages all seniors to attend and enjoy themselves on Friday.