Sources of Strength Yard Sale


Photo taken by Region 10 Counselor, Ms. Britt featuring the Sources of Strength members posing for a group photo at the Yard Sale.

Brayden Jones , Reporter and Photographer

   Sources of Strength hosted a community-wide yard sale in the parent pick-up lot this past Saturday, April 29th. The Yard Sale began at 8 AM and ended at 2 PM. The yard sale was open to clubs, vendors and individual sellers for a $20 fee.

    “This fundraiser supports the community as a whole by bringing attention to Sources of Strength,” Club Sponsor and Region 10 Crisis Counselor Kendall Britt said.

   Sources of Strength is a club that focuses on mental health awareness and creating a positive school atmosphere with the ultimate goal of decreasing suicide rates.

   Once planning for the yard sale was finished, the Sources of Strength members began putting up fliers about the yard sale all over the county from Lake Anna to the Town of Mineral to the Town of Louisa.

   Sources of Strength continued their outreach efforts and handed out fliers for their yard sale at Transition Night, an event when rising freshmen come to learn and tour the high school.

   Sources of Strength hoped to have a good turnout for the yard sale, and they did.

   “We had people walking around constantly,” junior Kayla Dove said.

   Sources of Strength had 20 vendors show up for the event selling lotions, hair products, scents and other homemade items. The $800 raised will be used for mental health training and community outreach events throughout the county. Sources of Strength will host the event again next spring. Unsold items were donated to Goodwill and the Louisa County Resource Council to help people in need.