Four years in the blink of an eye: senior send-off

Ellen Rosson, Editor-in-Chief

Four years flew by: One day we were walking through the doors of the high school and the next we are about to walk across the stage.

When we were younger, we begged to be older and could not wait to take on the world all by ourselves. As graduation approaches, it is a mix of emotions as we all embark on new journeys. Some of us will be doctors, lawyers, linemen or teachers, but no matter what we choose to be, we will forever be the class of ‘23.

High school has shown me that no matter what happens, the grass always seems greener on the other side. Whether plans don’t go according to plan or life throws an unexpected curveball, I believe that everything happens for a reason and even if you don’t see it now, you will someday. 

Always be yourself and don’t chase the crowds. Chase your dreams. Time will truly come and go so make the most of what you have. The best thing I did throughout my experience is get involved. Newspaper, hiking club, Leadership, pageantry, volleyball and many other events kept me busy and allowed me to meet new friends and learn lessons that I will never forget.

As we all know and have probably heard either directly or from across the room, I love to talk. Conversations aid learning and broaden your perspective, helping to learn not only about our academics, but also who your teachers and classmates truly are beyond the name on the desk. Interacting with people allows me to show that I care and value them as people and not as their job title. Never let people box you in, embrace who you are and run with it. Things are what you make them, so be who you are and don’t feel embarrassed by the little things. 

Although this year has not been easy, together we have laughed through the tears and danced through the valleys in order to find our mountain. As we reach the summit of our high school career, don’t stop now. Your life has just truly begun. 

I am truly grateful to be a Louisa County Lion. The experiences and friendships I have made over the last four years have made me who I am today. I know together we have all had our share of victories as well as trials, but I am proud to say we are almost there. 

Soon we will all be graduating and move on to achieve our future ambitions.

I am excited and sentimental about heading west this fall to attend Oklahoma State University and leave, for now, the place and the home I have grown up in physically and emotionally. I know many listed to me swear up and down that I would never go to OSU, but like I said, plans don’t always go according to plan, so Go Pokes!!

I trust my faith will carry me through and lead me to exactly where I need to be. I want to thank all the teachers, peers and staff that have had an impact on my life and always been there as a listening ear and a smiling face. 

To the underclassmen, I challenge you to make the most of this time together and carry positivity through all that you do. 

To my newspaper staff, thank you. Thank you for the countless laughs, songs jamming through the mac speakers and collaborations as we write articles and make deadlines. I appreciate all your support and edits, not only making me a stronger writer, but a better person. Mrs. Curran, thank you for all you have poured into our staff, we are lucky to have you.

To the Class of 2023, congratulations! We made it!