Senior Spotlight: Kayden Belverio


Kayden Belverio and Miranda Moyer outside in the greenhouse. Photo credits to Casey Little.

Casey Little, Editor-in-Chief

Signing off as Future Farmers of America (FFA) President, Kayden Belverio is now moving forward on her journey to becoming an agricultural teacher, taking after her mentors.
Belverio has spent her senior year serving as FFA President after being a member her first three years of high school. FFA is responsible for many activities ranging from caring for animals to environmental concerns.
“Highway clean up is one of the biggest things that we do bi-annually,” Belverio said. “I’ve gone to state conventions with FFA which gives us a chance to meet a lot of people, and do these contests and get to national levels. I have also done tractor pulls with FFA, and we’ve done state fair events as well, along with community events.”
While being in FFA, Belverio has noticed how the support from FFA has helped her become a natural leader. During her freshman year Belverio was very shy; as time went on FFA has helped her gain confidence by putting her in leadership roles such as an officer, leading her to a presidential role.
“While I still am kind of introverted, FFA has given me the strength to be able to become a leader in whatever career field I decide to go into in the future,” Belverio said. “I have no problem getting in front of a group of FFA members and talking to them and things like that.”
Belverio’s agricultural teacher Miranda Moyer nominated Belverio for being a leader in and out of the classroom and serving as an active member in the community.
“Kayden is a senior who has devoted a lot of time to the FFA,” Moyer said. “She is a quiet, humble leader, but is very involved in the school. She does her best in the classroom and is always willing to work hard. She is so supportive and kind to others.”
Not only her teacher, but as one of her FFA advisors, Mrs. Moyer has watched Belverio grow throughout these last four years. FFA and Belverio’s role models have influenced her career choice of going into education.
“Due to the fact of being in FFA for so long, I want to become an agricultural educator just as Mrs. Moyer, Ms. Roberts, and Ms. Watkins,” Belverio said. “I don’t want to get in front of students and embarrass myself, so they have given me that boost to do that and inspired me.”
Mrs. Moyer has seen all the hard work and effort Belverio has put into building up not just herself, but the FFA club too.
“She has blossomed in her role as our FFA President. She puts the members and the interest of the program first rather than her own desires which is so admirable for an officer,” Moyer said. “She comes up with some great ideas and is adaptable when things don’t work out as planned. Kayden is willing to do what others aren’t willing to do, which really speaks volumes.”
Belverio’s advice for anyone who wants to join FFA is:
“Join as soon as possible, my biggest regret was not joining sooner, in middle school.”
Belverio’s last piece of advice for incoming freshman is:
“Don’t be afraid. I know it’s scary, just do it.”

Kayden Belverio standing in front of the lockers. Photo credits to Casey Little.