Senior Spotlight: Kristen Randall


Kristen Randall and John Schick standing together in the hallway. Photo credits to Casey Little.

Joss Jones, Op-Ed Editor

Everyone deserves a chance to feel honored at some point in their lifetime. Sometimes this may happen while you’re in school playing sports, or maybe your teacher praised you for getting a great grade on a test. Other times, you may feel honored on your birthday when someone does something just for you. When you feel honored isn’t crucial, but getting the opportunity to feel honored is. Being honored means that you’ve left your mark on someone and have given them a memory to hold on to for a while to come, which some may consider one of the best accomplishments in a lifetime. 

Senior Kristen Randall has left her mark on the people around her during the duration of her high school career. 

Randall has helped serve coffee with the Lions’ Brew for four years. Her motivation to do this was filled with compassion.

“I can help other teachers, make their day,” Randall said.

Randall made an impact on SPED teacher Linda Tyler through her tenderhearted nature for those around her and her loyalty to getting a job done.

“Kristen was nominated [for a senior spotlight] for her kind ways shown to her teachers and students,” Tyler said. “Kristen is very dependable and when asked she will without hesitation comply with the request.”

Randall has also impacted SPED teacher John Schick with her work ethic and zealousness.

“She’s a really hard worker, eager to learn and very eager to please people and make her friends happy and everything,” Schick said. “She’s got great customer service when we do what we do around school.” 

Additionally, Randall has made her mark on Tyler with her continued persistence.

“Kristen always has a smile on her face and she is such a hard worker and whatever task is before her, she is dedicated to seeing it until it is completed,” Tyler said.

Her high school legacy is not only filled with a desire to finish what she starts, but also devotion to aiding those in need.

“She’s not only dedicated to getting stuff done but also to helping other people get stuff done,” Schick said. “When we are making coffee in there, she’s always helping students who need a little more help to do that.”

Moreover, Randall has given Tyler and Schick memories to hold on to such as when she played with the Medford Basketball League and scored a three pointer at the buzzer and just recently when she got on a horse after trying to be persuaded to do it all year.

Randall plans to tackle life outside of high school head on and pursue the workforce. While she is hopeful about her personal future she wants future high school students to remember to be kind and stay focused.

“Help other people out, try to focus on your work, don’t get distracted,” Randall said.

Kristen Randall standing in front of the lockers. Photo credits to Casey Little