Q&A with junior Ali Downey


Photo by Isabella Rocha

Junior Ali Downey speed dribbles down the sideline.

Troy Fischer, Reporter

Q: How is the season going this year?

A: This year so far has been a lot of building as a team because of us only having a varsity team. I will say that I think we’ve  gotten better as a team as the season has progressed. Also, when we have the opportunities to play the teams that we are confident about, I do believe we will come out on top. This year has definitely been hard since we have a much smaller team and a wide range of ages on the varsity team. When it comes to playing the teams that have the reputation of being really good, that’s when we focus on the basic fundamentals and we do our best to hold them to a respectable score.


Q: With losing 9 seniors, what will you and other underclassmen do to rebuild for next year? 

A: Yes, this has been on my mind this whole season. I really hope that next year with losing 9 seniors there will be a lot of girls to come back or new girls to start playing. If not, we’d have only enough to field a team and that would be especially hard on the girls playing. I think what our go to will be is recruiting girls to come play and then we build. It’s all about building, especially if you have young or new girls so that each year when the seniors leave, the now older ones are now able to help build with the new younger ones. Also, another big thing is working extra hard in the off season to make up for the talent we lost from losing the seniors. This year we had an extremely short off season which didn’t help us when we had our first game two weeks into the season.