Clubs go virtual

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Screenshot taken by Carrie Hicks

Adviser Carrie Hicks used Zoom with sophomores Ellen Rosson and Ashlynn Harding, and senior Sydney Perkins during club time Sept. 24.

Isabella Rocha, Reporter

At the start of the year, clubs will take place only once a month and be held through Zoom meetings. Look out for an email from your club sponsor with the meeting information.

If you didn’t fill out the club google form Sept. 2, it isn’t too late to join most clubs. Just email the sponsor of clubs you are interested in to find out how to get involved. Clubs are open to both blended and virtual students, so encourage your friends to sign up.

For students who are interested in being involved in more than one club, email your sponsors to make plans on how to be involved in multiple organizations.

Clubs are one way to make the most of this school year, despite so many changes to the norm.  Get involved and make this the best school year yet.

Armed Services Career Club (ASCC)

Sponsor: MAJ. T. Bourne – [email protected]

Crochet Club 

Sponsors: Ms. S. Amick and Ms. H. Weddle – [email protected]

GAYL- Gay and Allied Youth of Louisa

Sponsor: Mr. T. Trovato – [email protected]

SENIOR Class Council

Sponsor: Ms. T. Jennings – [email protected]

Family, Career Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

Sponsor: Ms. T. Jennings – [email protected]


Sponsor: Mrs. K. Barnes – [email protected]

International Club

Sponsors: Mr. D. Bowman and Ms. A Rosenberger – [email protected]

The High Five Club

Sponsor: Ms. L. Woodward – [email protected]


Sponsor: Mrs. J. Estep – [email protected]

Thespian Society

Sponsor: Ms. J. Perry – [email protected]

Art Trading Cards Club

Sponsor: Mrs. T. Moricone – [email protected]


Sponsor: MAJ. T. Bourne – [email protected]


Sponsors: Srgt. Sarnoski – [email protected] 

Student Organization for Developing Attitudes (SODA)

Sponsors: Ms. L. Tyler and Ms. M. Ott – [email protected]


Sponsors: Mrs. S. Barnes and Mrs. Y. Speed – [email protected]

Creative Writing Club

Sponsors: Mrs. V. Brown – [email protected]

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)

Sponsors: Mrs. G. Valiani and Mrs. C. Bundrick – [email protected]

Louisa FFA

Sponsors: Ms. M. Kane and Mrs. M. Roberts – [email protected]

National Art Honors Society (NAEA)

Sponsor: Ms. B. Massie – [email protected]

Our Brother’s Keeper (OBK)

Sponsor: Coach Stanley – [email protected]


Sponsor: Ms. D. Love – [email protected]

**Speech and Debate does not meet virtually. Interested students can email Ms. Love for details about the Speech and Debate team which meets after school.**

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) 

Sponsors: Mr. C. Carter and Mr. M. Moyer – [email protected]

Interact Club

Sponsor: Ms. K. Fletcher – [email protected]