Senior Spotlight: Jaezon Wilton Carter


Jaezon Carter in the hallway posing with a peace sign.

Keira Apple, Reporter/Photographer

  Jaezon Wilton Carter. A son who strives for achievement, a person with grit and determination, and a colleague who takes initiative. He is special education student who you may have seen in the halls. 

  “He never shies away from work no matter how small or big the task may be that needs completed,” Assistant Principal Daniel Barrett said. 

  Carter will be graduating high school this Friday, and all of his hard work has led up to that moment. Despite potential setbacks , he has opened up opportunities for himself to get to where he is now. 

  Carter has been on the custodian staff for over a year now and is a part of the CTE program. Last year, Carter was looking for workplace opportunities when the custodial internship popped up and eventually turned into a job that would help him after high school. While Carter is a full-time student, he spends his evenings cleaning the school, which consists of changing light bulbs, sweeping the floors, and cleaning the bathrooms. 

  Through his internship, he has learned skills like teamwork, responsibility, and time management. During the school day, Carter attends three classes, but during his fourth period, his custodian shift begins. Carter explained his favorite classes are carpentry, landscaping, and Ms. Tyler’s math class.

  Not only does he attend classes, but he also helps with The Lion’s Brew, a work co-op intern program specialized for SPED students. He prepares and takes coffees to teachers who have ordered them. 

  During the summer, Carter will carry on with custodial work and give the school a deep clean before students return next fall. His favorite machine to work on is the boost machine, he explained that this machine steams the floors and all he has to do is click the button on the bottom.

  “I hope this experience and internship will benefit Jaezon in the future as he has been a big help to LCHS and the custodian team,” Barrett said. “His work and heart are two things that I personally appreciate from the young man.” 

  Continuing his work, he does landscaping on the side. Carter used to landscape with his uncle, but that has changed and Carter now works and runs the business by himself. When he graduates from high school, his plans are to continue landscaping in Richmond. 

  “I love running the big mowers, it gives me excitement,” Carter said.