#CommunityComesFirst campaign celebrates educators


Emion Byers

LCHS Biology teacher Jennifer Falin has been in education for eight years. Thank an educator this week during LCPS’ #OurCommunityComesFirstCampaign.

Anna Turner, Chief Copy/Design Editor

   LCPS is heading into the final week of spreading #Kindness with Our Community Comes First campaign.  From Oct. 26 through Oct. 30, each school throughout #TeamLCPS has the opportunity to thank educators for all they do throughout our community. 

  Here at LCHS, Central Office, LCHS administation, and the PTSA are finding ways to show appreciation for our educators each of these days. Students and classes are encouraged to find ways to thank those educators who have made a difference in their lives throughout the week. 

  After graduating, most people remember those teachers that made an impact on them that they won’t ever forget. Teachers inspire us to never give up and always strive to see the greatest potential in us.

  Any students, staff or community members that have plans or ideas for recognizing and celebrating our educators, please contact Carrie Hicks at [email protected]

  To nominate an educator or any other first responder that you would like to see receive recognition for their sacrifice, click here: https://forms.gle/v8NXYtj6Rfaw1Cwu9. Individuals nominated will receive a special thank you by mail.