Destined Daughters host Black History Month activities

Check out what they’ve been working on for a chance to win prizes


Arianna Taylor, Reporter

  In honor of Black History month, Destined Daughters is hosting a few activities with prizes. 

  The club, along with sponsors Yolanda. Speed and Susan Barnes and librarian Laura Watkins, created breakout boxes, one for staff and the other for students. Click the Black History Month Breakout Box link to access. There will be separate prizes for A and B-day. The first three competitors to break out of the box will receive one gift card in the form of $25, $15, and $5. 

  Destined Daughters also plans to host a trivia game twice a week. The winner on A and B days will receive a $5 gift card. 

  Current and former members of the club will have the opportunity to help make a self-help and personal reflection book. The book will focus on empowerment, motivation, and not giving up. A video contest will be coming soon so stay tuned for details.