County prepares for upcoming snow

Ashlynn Harding, Chief Copy Editor

  Down here in Virginia, we rarely get good snow. For years, the community has hoped for a winter wonderland, and they finally got their wish. Just recently, the whole state was hit by the giant snow storm Frida. 

  Massive amounts of physical and emotional damage occurred during this last storm, and now meteorologists are forecasting for another Winter Weather Advisory for Sunday, January 16th. Right now, Virginia seems to be on the lookout for snow ranging anywhere from a slight dusting to three feet of snow. Not only are the people of the town anxious, so are the reporters since there is no definite action of the snow. 

  “I am feeling a little uneasy about this storm due to the last experience of being without power for a week. But don’t get me wrong I love snow days just like my students do, but I think everyone is in agreement that they are a little more enjoyable when you can relax in your pj’s with heat while watching tv,” said Moss-Nuckols teacher, Chelsea Nelson.

  In light of this news, the community is always prepared to help out those in need. The local sheriff’s office has established shelters all around the county and provided heat and food.

  Local, independent businesses and LCHS students are giving their time to clear out driveways, sidewalks, roads, and cut down trees. To prepare for this upcoming storm, check out the information on Winter Weather Preparedness and on First Alert Weather Days to help make this transition into the January weather easier. 

  Even through all the hard times with the start of 2022, Louisa County has shown that they are “one family” by making the best of the worst weather. 

  “I also am thankful for this community and ALL of our local first responders, power crews, VDOT workers, and emergency service crews who are working throughout these tough conditions to get our country back up and running. It takes a team effort to rise up during these times, and that’s what these brave individuals have done,” said Superintendent Doug Straley. 

  With all the power outages and everyone being snowed in, it’s made it harder for people to get around as easily, but it’s also made individuals and families reconnect. 

  “My family and I basically lived in our living room, but we had to work as a team to set up and prepare for the indoor and outdoor chores that had to be done in that type of weather, and by spending that time together we were able to get to know more about each other and bond over our similarities and bicker over our differences,” said Nelson.

  Get ready for the snow by being prepared with food, blankets, and lights, and prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best.