“New Girl” leaves Netflix after ten years


Image provided by Hulu press. This image shows the cast of “New Girl” posing for the shows cover picture.

Katelynn Jones, News and Copy Editor

   After ten short years together, “”New Girl”” left Netflix on April 17th. Netflix gained the streaming rights to the FOX show, “New Girl” in 2013 but in 2023, the liscense expired. With that, Netflix did not renew the deal. Instead, “New Girl” can now be streamed on Hulu.

    As someone who has a Netflix subscription specifically to watch “New Girl”, it was heartbreaking to find out that Netflix was dropping it. I was angry and sad, and I didn’t know how to process these feelings.

   “New Girl” brings me happiness and joy. It’s fun and light-hearted while also having meaningful moments. I found myself becoming fully invested in the characters’ lives so when they felt a specific emotion, I felt it too. 

   While many people may not care about “New Girl”, there are tons of other shows and movies being dropped too. Some that have recently been dropped are “Friends”, “The Vampire Diaries”, the Marvel “Defender Series”, “The Hateful Eight”, “17 Again”, “Gossip Girl”, “Pretty Little Liars”, “Runaway Bride”, and “The Office.” 

   All of these shows and movies are still able to be streamed, just not on Netflix. You can find the Marvel “Defender Series” on Disney plus. “Friends”, “Pretty Little Liars”, “Gossip Girl”, and “The Vampire Diaries”  will be on HBO Max. “The Office”  can be found on Peacock and “New Girl” on Hulu. 

   While it is good news to hear this, it still means that a person must own multiple subscriptions to watch good shows and movies. The spending on streaming services has greatly increased because people are buying subscriptions to a large majority of them. 

   Another controversial factor is that Netflix is only discontinuing the good shows. In my opinion, movies and shows that are popular and known to be on Netlfix are being taken off while dumb shows that no one watches are still on it. There are a countless number of movies/shows on Netflix that I couldn’t even name. That’s not saying that other people don’t enjoy them. I just know that I follow the trend of popular shows, and the ones on Netflix have never caught the attention of the public like the shows that were removed. 

    Knowing that the good shows are being distributed between all streaming services makes it difficult to decide which ones to subscribe to. And at some point, all of that money adds up and becomes too much. 

   What makes the situation even worse is that I am not even in control of what streaming services my family has. Obviously, I still live with my parents, which means that they are in complete control of our streaming services. So even though I have no use for Netflix now, we will continue to use that instead of Hulu. But that’s not to say that Netflix won’t be used. There are specific shows on Netflix my family may watch while I’m the only one that doesn’t. 

    All of these factors make it very difficult for families to own subscriptions to the right streaming services. But, there could be one easy solution to solve world-wide streaming issues. Put “New Girl” on every single streaming service.