YOVASO club encourages safe driving


Photo by YOVASO

Maddie Wilson, Reporter/Photographer

 A student-led driving safe club is called YOVASO. Youth of Virginia Speak Out is a teen driver protection program that teaches teens the cause and effects of not driving responsibly. 

  “It is important to drive safely so that you don’t threaten the lives of others and yourself,” said sophomore Connor Downey.

  YOVASO’s main focus is to teach young adults driving responsibilities by spreading awareness through campaigns, interactive programs and competitions. 

  “The most effective way to reach students about driver safety is through social media,” stated Angelina Barrientos, a sophomore.

  Virginia driving statistics for 2020 said that 12 percent of teen accidents were caused by driver inattention.

   “One thing I make sure to do is put my phone away so I don’t ever have to worry about looking at it or checking it when I drive,” said senior Owen Greslick.

  YOVASO also educates teens on how to be better pedestrians, cyclists, and passengers. Many people believe that the driver is always responsible for accidents but that is far from the truth.  

 “With two kids, that can be distracting, I have to really focus on the road in front of me and not what’s going on behind me,” said PE health teacher Coach Fisher.

  YOVASO’s mission is to establish generations of safe teen drivers in Virginia. If you are interested in joining Youth of Virginia Speak Out please contact Sergeant Harris.

  Students can also look at their website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.