Nutrition class finds healthier Super Bowl snack options


Photo by Savannah Bragg

Juniors Austin Talley, Dallas Sprouse and Emily Gillespie make a healthy charcuterie board as a better Super Bowl snack option.

Savannah Bragg, Reporter/Photographer

  The students in the Nutrition and Wellness class have been focusing on making healthier choices this Superbowl Sunday. Students have had to swap traditional foods like chicken wings and chips with dip for a more nutritional alternative by using “my plate.” Students made healthy charcuterie boards that consisted of boiled eggs, crackers, fruits, lunch meats, and light cheeses.

  “I was trying to find a hands-on way for students in the nutrition class to get to experience the quality and quantity of whole nutritious foods that they could get locally, in comparison to typical teenager snacks like pre-packaged crackers, takis, etc. for similar price points,” Mrs. Cash said.

  Before performing this project, the students did research on the amount of calories(2,400), fat and sodium the average American consumes during the Super Bowl game and healthier substitutions for the same price. They were given price comparisons, to prove that simple, healthy foods are not as expensive as some may think.

  Previous to making the healthy charcuterie board, the class made a mini example of a charcuterie board filled with foods higher in fat, which they called “junk boards.” These boards included pepperoni, salami, and other higher fat meats and cheeses. 

  “In order to prepare for this project we had to research unhealthy foods and find their nutrition facts, then found healthier options which helped us compare them,” junior Emily Gillespie said.

  During the project, the students worked in groups. Students were able to choose what they wanted to use for their board from the variety of foods. After the foods were chosen, they wrote down the serving sizes, and researched each ingredient to figure out the amount of calories, fat, sugar and sodium in each item. 

  “I think the project was fun, I got to learn a lot about balancing my diet on a day to day basis,” senior Seth Myers said.

  The Nutrition and Wellness class hopes this will encourage others to do a healthy swap this Super Bowl Sunday.