Prom Picture Perfection


Photo courtesy of Savannah Bragg

Kage Harlow, Reporter/Photographer

  With prom being one of the highlights of juniors and especially seniors in the school year, it is always a good time to take some stunning pictures. With tons of locations to take pictures here in Louisa, here are the top results from staff and students on where the best prom picture locations are. 

  The “railroad tracks.” The railroad tracks that go through Mineral and Louisa seem to be a recurring spot for students to take prom pictures. The scenic view the tracks present makes the pictures really pop and give it a “rustic” view. Junior Carlie Apple believes that the tracks seem to be a very popular spot in past years for prom pictures to be held. 

“The railroad tracks really give off this aesthetically pleasing vibe that I have seen countless friends and students take their pictures with, and they turn out so good because of the look and feeling you feel when looking at those pictures,” Apple said. 

Lake Anna Docks. The Lake Anna Docks is a location right outside of Louisa and always brings peace and tranquility to students’ prom pictures. With the water flowing in the back and the algae covered docks, the pictures pop with color and give a good look at nature itself. Junior Caroline Compton expresses that the lake really brings life to prom pictures and incorporates a different kind of feeling you can not find anywhere else in Louisa.

“It’s just something about the lake that shows true nature in pictures I have seen, and I’ve always wanted to take prom pictures there,” Compton said. “The water and the trees, and even the surrounding house and buildings just ties it all together to make remarkable pictures.” 

The highlight of Prom 2022 though is something new to the scene. Bowood Barn. A typical wedding venue, Bowood Barn is where prom will be held this year. The absolute stunning view and feel this place gives, seems to make people wonder. Will this be the new spot to take prom pictures in the future? Jennifer Estep, an English teacher and prom 2022 coordinator, believes Bowood Barn will be something students have never seen before. 

“Most people in the past years have taken wonderful pictures at the lake, but the venue we have picked this year I think will offer a new look on prom pictures,” Estep said. “There is this Arbor in the courtyard, which will make a beautiful spot to take pictures. But it’s really hard to compete with places like the Lake, especially because of the sunsets and the water, so you know the Lake has always been one of the top places.” 

With countless options on where to take prom pictures, these were just a few of the top locations in the past years that really seem to attract students, and this year with the newly added and potential prom picture location, Bowood Barn, the competition for top prom picture locations could get heated. Where will you take your pics?