Daisy the Dog


Kylie Kenny

Wrestling Coach Roger Stewarts hearing service dog Daisy is featured posing for the camera.

Kylie Kenny, Reporter/Photographer

  The most unique staff member at the school for the past couple of years is Daisy, a two year old female German Shepherd. She is a hearing service dog for Wrestling Coach Roger Stewart. 

  Hearing dogs are trained service dogs that alert people who are deaf or hard of hearing to sounds around them. Daisy has been working with Coach Stewart since she was 10 weeks old. 

  Stewart works with Daisy everyday and has built a bond with her that is crucial in difficult situations. However her trainer Cliff at Dog’s Downtown in Chantilly, Virginia has also been working with them both throughout the year to be sure the task is being done correctly. There is times where both or just Daisy would return for quarterly evaluation. 

   “Daisy made me comfortable to where it’s like I have a second ear,” Stewart said, “ I don’t have to rely on anyone, or when I have difficulty driving she can hear the extra high pitched things like fire trucks, police cars, and trains, she’s like my wing man.”

  She has a daily routine that she sticks to almost every day.

  “She wakes up, eats breakfast, sleeps, and uses the restroom, ” Stewart said, “She alerts me throughout the day on door knocks, fire alarms, and if someone calls me from down the hall that’s behind me. She stops, pauses and lets me know.” 

  Daisy has made a mark on many people’s lives throughout the school including teachers and students. During the school week, Daisy enjoys getting treats from teachers as well as bringing them gifts.

     “Daisy brings me rocks,” Attendance Secretary Rebecca Walters said, “She likes to go and play in the courtyard to find rocks and she only gives them to certain people so we always get super excited when she comes in because we’re like ‘Yay!it’s for me!’”

  Even though Daisy is a quiet dog and likes to stay focused on her job, she provides comfort to people around the building.