Doshier’s Donuts: More than just a donut


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Photo featuring the Doshier’s Donuts food truck stationed in front of the previous building the Dairy Bar, along with an image showing their donuts and a featured image of their Dodo bird mascot.

Ashlynn Harding, Editor in chief

   Doshier’s Donuts is a family owned food truck in front of the Dairy Bar. They are a new addition to the town of Louisa and other surrounding counties with a purpose of producing and selling a spin off version of the already loved typical morning breakfast food, donuts. Doshier’s, unlike other donut shops, uses potato flour in their products. 

   “The potato flour allows for a much more robust flavor without needing all the extra sugar found in most commercialized donuts,” Food Truck Owner Shawn Doshier said. 

   Since Doshier’s is moving into the Dairy Bar they have big plans for their business. After fully moving into Louisa, Doshier’s will be planning on making additions to the already known Dairy Bar menu. Doshier’s future plans include adding ice cream, donuts and coffee to serve Louisa, all while continuing to run the trailer around the nearby county. 

   “In time, we will plan to run 2 or 3 more food trucks, some dedicated strictly for events, others to run to surrounding counties each day. And as well, maybe another store front or 2 in the future, but all within close proximity. We have quite a few new flavors we want to introduce, and as well, we’ll eventually eliminate the soft serve and replace it with our own homemade ice creams,” Doshier said. 

   The Dosher’s family’s business plan is to help produce a new breakfast favorite in areas while still enjoying the process of creating a new back good locals will enjoy. 

   “Our menu is based on your more classic flavors. We don’t want to do anything too elaborate to take away from the taste of the dough itself, only accentuate it,” Doshier said. “[With being in the food truck business for over 25 years] working just about every position in a kitchen and a variety of styles. I love creating food, it’s an art form.” 

   Although, with no set route to their food truck Shawn said, “we can be found every Friday at the Piedmont Store in Whitehall, and the Dairy Bar in Louisa (Soon to be Doshier’s Donuts) on Saturday and Sunday.  We typically open our window at 7am and stay open until sold out.  Some days this may be 9am, other days 2pm.”

   While focusing on the simplicity of a donut by adding their own personal touch, Doshier’s has been a hit in town. The very interesting logo can be recognized by the Dodo bird mascot. The family intends to eventually produce merchandise with the name and create a mascot to be sold at the shop. 

   “[The goal was to create] an established figure locals would recognize from a distance,” Doshier said. 

   With the family name of Doshier’s, Shawn and his wife have succeeded in the goal of associating their family name and pride with quality community treats. Stop by the truck in front of Dairy Bar and follow @DoshiersDonuts to try the donuts. Keep a look out for the food truck rolling into town and get your very own potato donut.