Review: Morgan Wallen’s New Album


Morgan Wallens Instagram

Country music artist Morgan Wallen announced the release of his new album “One Thing At A Time” on March 3.

Julia Gibson, Feature and Entertainment Editor

   Country artist Morgan Wallen released his new album “One Thing At A Time” featuring 36 songs on Friday, March 3. On January 30, he released three songs early including “Last Night,” “Everything I Love,” and “I Wrote The Book.”

   Wallen starts his album off strong. His first song begins with a calmer start but a little bit into the song it gets a more upbeat kick. The entire album has a variety of slow songs and fast-paced songs, so it is made for all country music fans. 

   The album ends with the two songs “Outlook” and “Dying Man,” both pieces have a slower beat but I think they put the finishing touch on the album. The album’s start and end are slower but the middle is where the more hype and fast-paced songs are like “‘98 Braves” and “Last Drive Down Main.” 

   With 36 new songs, there is a song for everyone on his album. Some of my favorite songs on the album are “Everything I Love” and “Ain’t That Some” because both have that pop and country music mix, so they are perfect to listen to on any occasion. 

   Wallen hasn’t released a new album since “Dangerous: The Double Album” in 2021, so after announcing on January 30 that he would be releasing a new album, fans were filled with excitement and ready to hear what he’s been working on. Wallen’s new album is already on the charts after being released for only two weeks. Wallen broke one of Spotify’s streaming records on the day of his album release with 52.29 million streams. 

   Wallen has a certain style of his music which you can hear when comparing albums. All of his albums have a mix of different emotions throughout each song. Both “Dangerous: The Double Album” and “One Thing At A Time” have a similar vibe. His songs “Last Night” and “Neon Eyes” come from different albums but give listeners a taste of Wallen’s method.

   No matter what mood you are in or if you’re a country or pop music fan, Wallen’s new album definitely has a song you and your friends will like.