Theater class to perform musical tale “The Ugly Duckling”

Julia Gibson, Reporter/ Photographer

  April 29 through May 1, musical theater will host and perform HONK, a musical tale of “The Ugly Duckling.” Showtimes will start at 7:00 PM on April 29 and 30, while on May 1, it will be shown at 3:00 PM. On play posters, throughout the school, a QR code takes viewers to the show’s website to purchase tickets. 

  Tickets are available online, and leftover tickets will be sold an hour before performances start. General admission tickets are being sold for $12 and reserved tickets are $15. 

  Each cast member has been working hard during and after school in order to make sure the show runs smoothly. 

  “I sing a lot of my songs when I am not doing anything or just washing dishes, then I will do dances when we aren’t doing anything in the class,” junior Abbie Hopkins said. “When we have freetime we go out in the hall and practice our dances and add music.” 

  While Hopkins plays a part of the “Goose Squad,” junior Ethan Phelps plays one of the main characters, The Ugly Duckling.

  “I am the one duck that is different from everyone else and they bully me for my differences, then during that play I get lost and go on adventure and end up having lots of ups and downs,” Phelps said.

  The musical provides an outlet for students to be able to express themselves while getting to bring eachother out of their comfort zones.

  “It helped boost my confidence not just in the play but in the real world,” junior Darrin Coleman said. “I feel more comfortable interacting with people.”

  It also gives students a place for them to bond with others with the same interest as themselves such as acting and taking on a new role.

  “It is really nice to create art with other people that you’re close with and it is such a good experience to be able to play a character that is the complete opposite of you,” Coleman said.