Custodian Awarded MVP of the Year


Photo credits Louisa County Public Schools

Savannah Bragg, Reporter/ Photographer

In April, Charles Braxton, head custodian, received Most Valuable Player of the Year. He was recognized for his achievement on May 4 at the Educator of the Year and MVP banquet. 


He was nominated by teachers and staff for his hard work and commitment to leading his crew. Mr. Braxton has dedicated over 12 years to ensuring the school looks and feels its best.


Mr. Braxton is a very important person here at Louisa County High School that works behind the lights, but his work and care shine through each day,” Assistant Principal Daniel Barrett said.


Most people overlook all the work custodians do. Not only do they sweep our halls and wipe off our tables, their job includes other tasks including setting up and coordinating for events as well as keeping administration informed of various concerns regarding our school and the people in it. 


“I was quite surprised when they presented me with it,” Braxton said. “I’m the type of person who does the job and keeps it moving forward. I don’t try to be in the spotlight, just staying focused and ensuring that the team has the same mindset.”


Mr. Braxton has impacted more than just the look of our school, he has impacted the hearts within them. He is a great individual that truly cares for the people around him as he wants to see them grow and be successful. He has developed a community of people who take pride in everything they do. 


“3 years ago when I moved to Louisa, I met Mr. Braxton and he took me on a tour around the entire school,” senior Granya Curran said. “Because of him I got to know the school better and felt more comfortable around it. He was a very nice introduction to Louisa.”


Many people have been inspired by Mr. Braxton and he hopes to continue to have that influence on others. 


“I hope to inspire others by having open communication with others, offering and giving assistance to anyone whether it’s needed or not, and keeping a positive attitude along with a smile,” Braxton said.